Comprehensive holiday apartment service
in Berlin

Are you looking for a rental agency for your holiday apartment or holiday home? Zeitgeist Berlin is a full-service agency for the management, rental and cleaning of holiday apartments in Berlin. All you have to do is give us your apartment keys and we will take care of everything else. From listing in booking portals to pricing and guest communication to cleaning your holiday apartment: with us you benefit from a comprehensive holiday apartment service in Berlin!

What services does our
holiday apartment service in Berlin offer?

Do you own a property in Berlin that you would like to rent out as a holiday apartment or holiday home? But you don’t have the necessary time for an independent rental? Or do you lack the necessary know-how? Then it is best to leave the rental of your holiday apartment in our hands! We at Zeitgeist Berlin offer you competent advice and comprehensive support.
We are your first point of contact when it comes to the successful rental of real estate in Berlin. With us you choose an all-round carefree package. Simply get in touch with us and book your holiday apartment service: We would be happy to help you rent out your holiday accommodation.


If you want to rent out your holiday home, comprehensive advice is of course important at the beginning. We take enough time to answer all your personal questions. In addition, we clarify e.g. B. on the following topics:
  • short-term rental
  • Ban on misappropriation in Berlin
  • Application for a registration number
  • Rededication and planning application for vacation homes
  • Change of use in holiday apartments
  • Conversion of commercial units and apartments to holiday apartments

Management by our holiday apartment support

At Zeitgeist Berlin we take care of the entire holiday apartment management for you. All you have to do is entrust us with your property. We create a professional ad for your vacation rental and publish it on popular booking platforms like Airbnb and Booking. Managing your holiday home also includes...
  • the complete pricing.
  • any form of guest communication.
  • the maintenance of the property (including small craftsman services).
  • if necessary, the installation of electronic lock systems for uncomplicated check-in and check-out.
  • accessibility for guests in case of problems.

Cleaning by our holiday apartment service

Our own staff will also clean your holiday apartment in Berlin. We also work closely with laundry service providers, so we can also offer you a comprehensive laundry service. On request we can also buy e.g. B. Cleaning products, shampoos and soaps for your holiday guests. We also offer office cleaning.

This is how our vacation rental agency works

Vacation rentals with Zeitgeist Berlin couldn’t be easier. Just follow the 3 steps below if you want to hire us as your rental agency:

The contact

Get in touch with us – by phone, email or our own inquiry form. We strive to be easily accessible. However, if all lines are busy, we will be happy to call you back. We answer emails within a few days.

Competent consulting

We will be happy to answer your open questions and explain all the important issues relating to the rental of holiday apartments and houses. In addition, we would of course be happy to explain our services to you again.

Enjoy the complete package

On request, we at Zeitgeist Berlin will take care of all the tasks for you that go hand in hand with renting out holiday accommodation in Berlin to guests. After you have given us your apartment keys and entrusted us with your property, you will benefit from all our services.

What advantages has our
Apartment service in Berlin?

There are many rental agencies in Berlin. Therefore, it is often not that easy to find the right care for a holiday home. In any case, with Zeitgeist Berlin you have a competent partner at your side who will market, manage, rent and maintain your property professionally and successfully. Below we have listed the most important advantages of our rental agency for you.

We are an Airbnb agency

We know that travelers today like to use the world-renowned booking platform Airbnb to find the right holiday accommodation – and it’s no different for a stay in Berlin. As an Airbnb agency in Berlin, we take on all tasks relating to holiday rentals with Airbnb for you. These include:

  • Creation and management of the online advertisement on all common platforms
  • Individual pricing
  • Management of inquiries and bookings
  • Update of the availability calendar
  • Final cleaning of your holiday accommodation
  • First point of contact for your guests – even in the event of a problem
  • Help with furnishing your apartment
  • Assistance with permits

How do we find the right price for your holiday home? We take over the individual pricing for your holiday apartment – always in coordination with the current situation (e.g. season, events in Berlin, Europe-wide holidays). Due to the large-scale support of a wide variety of holiday apartments in Berlin, we always have an excellent overview of the current booking situation. This enables us to adapt your prices to the market situation.

We offer an all-round carefree package

If you don’t have the time and/or the necessary know-how to rent out your property, you’ve come to the right place with Zeitgeist Berlin. With us, you benefit from a complete package that includes all important services. In short: we take care of everything that is important for the successful rental of your holiday accommodation in Berlin.
After you have given us the keys to your apartment, you can sit back and relax with a clear conscience. Because we guarantee you: With our all-round carefree package, you know your property is in good hands!

Our holiday apartment agency convinces with a lot of experience

We at Zeitgeist Berlin have a lot of experience in renting out holiday apartments in Berlin. Not only are we familiar with the legal provisions in Berlin (e.g. ban on misappropriation), we also know exactly what is particularly important to holidaymakers. You can be sure: Our experience pays off – from the professional (online) marketing of your property to competent guest communication and conscientious maintenance of your holiday accommodation.

We support you in the rededication of a commercial unit

If you own a commercial unit (e.g. commercial space, shop) in Berlin, you can rent it out to holiday guests after rededication. We at Zeitgeist Berlin support you in all steps required for the change of use:

  • We ensure the livability of your commercial unit and arrange any necessary conversion work.
  • We take care of the necessary fire protection concept.
  • We will submit the planning application for the conversion into a holiday apartment for you.
  • We support you with the conversion, with the construction supervision and planning including architect services.
  • We would be happy to advise you in detail on the subject of converting a commercial unit into a holiday apartment in Berlin.

Please note: If you want to rent out your commercial unit as a holiday home, the Misappropriation Act does not apply in Berlin.

Do you have any questions about our holiday apartment service in Berlin?

Do you still have questions about our holiday apartment service in Berlin? Contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to advise you. On request, we can offer you an all-round carefree package. You don't have to worry about anything: we take care of the administration, rental and cleaning of your holiday apartment in Berlin.

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last updated: February 15, 2023


last updated: February 15, 2023



In Berlin, the Misuse Prohibition Act (ZwVbG) has been in force since 2014. As a result, property owners need a permit and registration number from the relevant district office if they want to rent out an entire apartment (via Airbnb) to vacationers. If only one room that makes up less than 50% of the total living space is to be rented, no permit is required, just a registration number.

The actual rental price of a holiday apartment depends on various factors. For example, the location, size and equipment of the holiday apartment determine the final price. An exact rental price can therefore not be given at this point – the prices are between 40 € and several hundred € per night.

In larger German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, the Misappropriation Prohibition Act (ZwVbG) applies. This prohibits the rental of a property without legal approval and registration number from the responsible district office. On the other hand, if only a single room occupying less than 50% of the living area is to be made available to holidaymakers, only a registration number is required, but no authorisation.

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