Rent a condominium as a holiday apartment in Berlin
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With Zeitgeist Berlin we look after over 70 apartments in Berlin and also help you with the rental of holiday apartments. So if you want to rent out your condominium as a holiday apartment in Berlin and are looking for support, then you’ve come to the right place. We take over the complete rental and management of your holiday apartment and are happy to give you expert advice on all legal issues associated with it.

Berlin holiday apartment rental:
our services

We offer you complete management for vacation rentals in Berlin and are happy to ensure that your vacation home rental is profitable without you having to do anything about it. We would also be happy to assist you with advice and action on the legally compliant implementation.
So if you don’t have the time and/or the necessary know-how to rent out your holiday apartment in Berlin, we at Zeitgeist Berlin will be happy to help you. With us you benefit from an all-round carefree package that contains all the important services related to the rental of holiday apartments. This package includes advice…

  • for renting holiday apartments in Berlin, at short notice and via portals such as Airbnb or Booking.
  • for renting furnished apartments, long-term for a period of 3 months or more
  • on the Misappropriation Act in Berlin.
  • Planning and implementation of changes in the use of holiday apartments (by our own architects) including the application and implementation at the building authority
  • for the planning of conversion work, including implementation, organization of craftsmen, construction supervision and furnishing.

In addition, with Zeitgeist Berlin you benefit from the following advantages and services if you rent out your holiday apartment in Berlin and commission us as an agency with the management:

✓ We advertise your apartment on popular portals, including professional, high-resolution photos.
✓ We set the apartment price based on the current market situation and always adjust it to the current occupancy rate in Berlin.
✓ We take over the entire guest communication: from booking to check-out.
✓ We are always available for your guests, especially in case of problems.
✓ We take care of the basic and final cleaning of the apartment including laundry service.
✓ We employ our own cleaning staff.
✓ We coordinate small handyman services.
✓ On request, we can install key boxes or electronic lock systems for handing over the keys.
✓ On request, we will also take care of the purchase of consumables such as coffee, soaps or other toiletries.

Rent a holiday apartment in Berlin

If you rent out your holiday apartment or holiday home and would like to place the management of your holiday apartment in the hands of professionals, there are of course associated costs. However, the rental income and the time savings that you enjoy through professional management through an agency far exceed the costs.
Flat-rate price information is neither professional nor sensible.
Therefore, it is best to seek non-binding advice and we will calculate the actual administrative costs based on the size and location of the apartment.

This is how the holiday apartment rental works with Zeitgeist Berlin

If we have aroused your interest and you would like to rent out your Berlin holiday apartment with us as a partner, then you only have to follow the following 3 steps to welcome happy tenants and solid rental income.

The contact

Get in touch with us – by phone, email or our own inquiry form. We strive to be easily accessible. However, if all lines are busy, we will be happy to call you back. We answer emails within a few days.

Competent consulting

We will be happy to answer your open questions and explain all the important issues relating to the rental of holiday apartments and houses. In addition, we would of course be happy to explain our services to you again.

Enjoy the complete package

On request, we at Zeitgeist Berlin will take care of all the tasks for you that go hand in hand with renting out holiday accommodation in Berlin to guests. After you have given us your apartment keys and entrusted us with your property, you will benefit from all our services.

Rent a holiday home:
Requirements and legal bases

Not all properties in Germany are suitable for renting out as a holiday home. The decisive factor is primarily the location of the property. The following applies here: the better the location, the more attractive the holiday apartment is for guests. The equipment is also an important criterion. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your property in a touristically interesting location (e.g. in the central district of Friedrichshain)?
  • Are there good transport connections? The proximity to the subway, S-Bahn and bus makes it easier for tourists to get here and, of course, to explore Berlin.
  • Are facilities for daily needs (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries) easily accessible at all times?
  • Are there a variety of leisure activities nearby (e.g. sights, sports facilities, other shops)?
  • Can you provide parking for guests arriving by car?
  • Also important, of course: Does the property offer the level of comfort that holidaymakers expect?

In addition to these criteria, there are also some legal bases to consider if you want to rent out a holiday apartment in Berlin.

holiday home rental:
the legal bases

The first step is to know the legal basics if you want to rent out a condominium as a holiday apartment in Berlin. We at Zeitgeist Berlin would be happy to advise you comprehensively and personally on all these points. Please use our inquiry form. As an initial overview, we have summarized the most important legal key data relating to holiday home rentals for you here.

Obtain permits

In principle, it is permitted in Germany to rent out real estate as holiday apartments or holiday homes. But in many larger cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, the Misappropriation Act has been in force for several years. Real estate there can only be used as holiday accommodation with a permit from the responsible district office.
In addition, you must register your holiday home at the residents’ registration office – if necessary also at the regulatory office. If you are only a tenant and want to sublet your rented apartment, according to § 540 BGB you first need the consent of your landlord before you register. If you fail to do this, your landlord is entitled to terminate your tenancy without notice.

Commercial or private rental?

Are you pursuing profit-making intentions? Do you employ employees in the course of your rental and do you make a profit from the rental of over €24,500 per year? If you answer these questions with a yes, then you may have to register your apartment as a business and thus pay the associated business tax to the tax office.

Important: However, we recommend that you make an appointment with your tax advisor on this topic, as this topic is complex. In addition, it makes sense to find out from the responsible trade office whether you have to register your rental activity commercially.

Take taxes and visitor’s tax into account

In Germany you are obliged to pay tax on your income. You do this as part of the income tax return in Appendix V for renting and leasing. In addition, you may be subject to sales tax if you exceed €22,000 in sales per year from renting out your holiday home.
In addition, a tourist tax is levied in German health resorts that serve relaxation and recreation. Your guests must pay these directly to you and you must pay the amount to the municipality where your property is located. In some larger cities, you now have to collect a city tax from your guests. In Berlin, this is currently 5% of your sales or your net sales if you are subject to VAT.

Rent a condominium as a holiday apartment in Berlin now

Regardless of whether you want to rent out your holiday apartment in Berlin for the short or long term: As a full-service agency, we at Zeitgeist Berlin not only have the legal know-how. We also take care of the complete management of your vacation rental: from creating the advertisement on popular platforms such as Airbnb to the final cleaning of your apartment after check-out. Renting out your condominium as a holiday apartment in Berlin has never been easier!


It is not necessary to register a business for letting to friends and acquaintances without the intention of making a profit. However, if you operate the rental with the intention of making a profit, then it is possible that it will be classified as a business. However, this is a complex topic and you should definitely discuss it with a tax advisor. Because the actual rental of apartments is not a trade and therefore not subject to trade tax – similar services, on the other hand, are. A registration number for your apartment is definitely required in Berlin if you want to rent out a holiday apartment. Operators such as Airbnb also require this official registration number to create your apartment advertisement.

Yes. Unless renting to tourists is expressly prohibited and no other agreement to this effect applies within the community of owners, you can generally rent out your apartment in Germany as a holiday home. This was decided by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in 2010 (AZ V ZR 72/09). In Berlin, however, the Misappropriation Act must be taken into account.

In large cities with a ban on misappropriation, your holiday home must be reported to the municipality. You may also have to report the apartment to the tax office due to the possible income. If your municipality requires a tourist tax, you must also register the apartment here. However, as soon as you spend even just a few weeks a year in your holiday home, you are also obliged to register your holiday home as a second home.

When you rent out your holiday apartment, you and your guests determine in the rental agreement how long you will make your furnished premises available. However, if your target group is holiday guests, you may not rent out your holiday home for more than 6 months in a row.

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